Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yes, this is hard to believe... ;-)

We both got an A in Spanish for medical professionals at the SFCC. We can't speak spanish but I guess our learning curve has forcibly been very steep... we gained quite a bit of vocabulary and some grammar... If you start from 0, there's a long way to go!!!

I'm planning to keep it up with Rosetta Stone next semester.... wait and see!

Braving the cold and the snow....

I was starting to get cabin fever.... we hadn't been out hiking for almost a month; freezing temperatures, a good amount of snow, Doug's finals and lots of other things to do... But today was the day: Temperatures cautiously climbed to around freezing, I had the day off and Doug could take a break from the outside home improvement project!!
My head cleared, my legs and longs were grateful for the exercise and my energy level has risen by at least 50%!

The parking lot, blocked by a wall of snow, cleared off the road...

Crossing the river... what is underneath this snow; a steady tree trunk or traitorous ice?

That's what I want INSIDE the house for X-mas, snow and all....

I can see you!?!?


Somehow Sinterklaas and his "zwarte pieten" -black Peters- made it over the Atlantic ocean, through the Midwest, all the way to the Rockies in Santa Fe! I was very relieved to see he hadn't forgotten his Belgian souls on December 6th!

He brought his usual collection of mandarin oranges, chocolates, candy, cookies and marzipan.... MMMmmm...

Friday, December 4, 2009


I am never moving to Alaska or Montana, way too cold!!!

It's 3 degrees (-16C) out this morning..... Pretty sure I won't be riding my bike to work today....

View of the front window / balcony: