Sunday, September 27, 2009

GREEN weekend...

No, we didn't spent our weekend campaigning for a greener city or country nor were we trying to come up with innovative solutions to the global warming problem,.... no, we just PAINTED, and we painted GREEN!

Doug's new garage door and 2 other doors were in need of being painted, so we spent the day between sage green paint brushes and rollers, tape, drop cloths, newspapers, door knobs and stray screws. Just as well my favorite color is green!
It was fun, the color match with the window frames couldn't be more perfect, and there was great satisfaction in a job well done!

After a good arm and shoulder work-out (coming close to a repetitive strain injury!) we needed a 'leg workout' so the following day, we went on a little hike -the beloved Borrego trail- in the woods; more green!!! The Aspen's are starting to turn so we're hoping to get up high next weekend and enjoy some really great vista's! Pictures will definitely follow!!!

Work in Santa Fe

I have 2 weeks of work behind me at the local hospital here in Santa Fe. After a few initial misunderstandings (WHAT!?!?!, you want me to do overtime and work more than 40 hours a week?!?!?!), things are going well and I am really enjoying the floor I'm working on (ortho / neuro). The fact that most rooms on that floor have gorgeous views of Santa Fe doesn't hurt either.
Coworkers seem to be an eclectic bunch, most of them working per diem. I continue to meet new people every day and they have all been very welcoming, kind and interesting.

But the most enjoyable part of work is the commute: 15 minutes one way by bike. It seems like Santa Fe had more than half of it's annual precipitation in my first week of commuting (go figure), but the weather reverted back to the normal dry and sunny a few days ago. It is chilly in the morning (low 30's!!!) but by the time I'm riding home late afternoon it's still in the 70's and my gloves, fleece layer, wind jacket and turtleneck are being stacked away in my backpack.
I enjoy passing the same people every day; the young kid that sweeps 'Burro alley', the crossing guard at the local elementary school, the guy that sells the local paper at the crossroads and the group of retirees practicing early morning yoga in the rose park twice a week.

Ready for work on a chilly mountain morning

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The pet parade

As part of the fall Fiesta celebrations, Santa Fe held it's yearly pet parade today. I didn't expect much but wanted to stop by on the way to the farmer's market and was very surprised at the huge crowds and the variety of pets in the parade...

I like animals being animals and I'm not sure what some dogs must have been thinking about this dress-up game, but it seemed like none of them minded having on clothes and hats, goggles and glasses, hair ties and bows and even layers of body paint...
It reminded me of June and Nel, a retired lady and her therapeutic Dalmation dog who visited St. Louis Children's hospital religiously twice a week. They would wear matching outfits, curtesy of the longer term patients, and were definitely a bright spot in lives of being prodded and poked, sick and in pain.

Some of my favorites....

You gotto love people who bring out their not-so-obvious-pet-parade-choices....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lamy bike ride

Lamy is a little town of 137 people about 20 miles south of Santa Fe. The Santa Fe Southern Rail rides out there daily and a beautiful bike trail runs parallel with the train tracks. We rode out there, had a relaxing lunch and took the train back to Santa Fe. I felt a little like a tourist (maybe I still am?!?!) but it really was a gorgeous fun ride!

Some finds along the way...

Yes it is - no it isn't - yes it is a house!!

What a neat address to have!

The local 'library'...

"An ordinary day" - Andrew Lovath

I found this in "The Green Fire Times", a New Mexican paper about environment and sustainability in the Northern NM area.
The Author Andrew Lovath teaches speech and communication at the Santa Fe community college.

There is no such thing as an ordinary day

Today is a monumental day in thousands, if not millions of lives

For some this is the day of their birth while others will be leaving this earth

For many around the world, this is the day they have been waiting a long time for...

This is the day that they marry or perhaps they are leaving on a long journey not knowing when they will return to all that is familiar

Someone is leaving home to go to school, entering a hospital or going off to war

This is the day that someone will remember for unexpected good fortune, the day that disaster strikes

This is the day that an unexplainable miracle occurs

For some, today might seem like an ordinary, uneventful day that in retrospect will turn out to be the beginning of a subtle shift that will completely alter their lives

For some, today is better forgotten, a wasted day wallowing in self pity, anger or hatred

Some may see this day as dull and uninspiring, another in a string of indistinguishable days lost in sameness and trapped in circumstance, perhaps in prison, bedridden or without hope

For others today is a day of indescribable ecstasy, surrounded by loved ones, flushed by good spirits, enjoying the nectar of joy and health

The one constant: Today we all share the same sun, breath of life and experience the miracle of our beating hearts

An African woman cooking over an open fire, a Chinese farmer planting seeds, a Norwegian fisherman pulling in nets before dark, a child begging in the streets of Brazil, a truck driver in Poland, a soldier in Nicaragua, a student walking to school in India, an office worker riding the subway in New York

We must all eat and sleep, we all laugh, cry and dream
Mortality is our providence and our time will someday surely come

So let us for this day find unity in what we share. Let us reflect on how we are alike and let this understanding spark a wildfire of compassion that will fuel the future of our beautiful earth

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zozobra celebration!!!

"Zozobra is the embodiment of gloom, he is a hideous but harmless fifty-foot bogeyman marionette. He is s a well crafted framework of preplanned and pre-cut sticks, covered with chicken wire and yards of muslin. It is stuffed with bushels of shredded paper, which traditionally includes obsolete police reports, paid off mortgage papers, and even personal divorce papers. He is a toothless, empty-headed facade, has no guts and doesn't have a leg to stand on. He is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. He never wins. He moans and groans, rolls his eyes and twists his head. His mouth gapes and chomps. His arms flail about in frustration. Every year we do him in. We string him up and burn him down in ablaze of fireworks. At last, he is gone, taking with him all our troubles and worries for another whole year. Santa Fe celebrates another victory. Viva la Fiesta!" - A.W. Denninger

Thursday night was Zozobra night, the start of the yearly Santa Fe Fiesta. We walked down to Marcy field earlier in the day to see Zozobra in broad daylight and watched the whole event unfold from the front porch with binoculars, camera and a cup of hot cocoa.

I need tutoring!

The course "Spanish for health care professionals" at Santa Fe community college required some prior Spanish knowledge. I only went through one chapter of Rosetta Stone and I can safely say I will not make it to "quick-learner-poster-child-status" any time soon! More than half of the class are native Spanish speakers who talk 100 miles an hour. I can make out about 25% of what is being said and that's with intent listening followed by a good old headache...
But some extra tutoring, repetition, a study partner, flash cards, an attitude of using whatever French is left in my brain -not that much!!!- and making it sound Spanish, go a long way ;-)!

I feel like I've learned a lot already over a short time and find myself paying more attention and at least trying to understand Spanish conversations at work.

First test done, first homework turned in,... Let's see how all this will turn out....

Another Colorado trip?!?!?!

From one great city to another: We went to Boulder for a long weekend! A little hike, some delicious food, strolling in and out of fun shops and exploring the creek festival,.... but more importantly great time spent with good friends and family!

Flatiron 1 and 2 hike

Father and son on the trail ;-)

A great Fish BBQ dinner at Pete's and fun company of both adults and kids!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving on.... to Santa Fe...

I need a little repose from unpacking and reorganizing bookshelves, computer tables and closet space at Doug's... so here's a little update...

After working 7 days in a row, the start of a semester "Spanish for Health care professionals" with twice weekly classes -and homework!- at Santa Fe community college, I managed to organize, pack and move from Albuquerque to Santa Fe in one day (a very loooong one!!!).
This is definitely another big move, the start of a new chapter in my life, almost a year since leaving St. Louis for New Mexico.... I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful and am so confident this will be as positive as "the big move" last year!

I'm planning on keeping the blog going and hopefully it will continue to contain plenty of good stories and fun pictures!

Here are 2:

Views from the front porch, a great breakfast spot...

Our lunch spot on the back patio...