Friday, May 21, 2010


The first stop of our New England trip was Scarborough, Maine. We stayed with wonderful friends of Doug very close to the beach. We enjoyed some great walks through the sand and over the rocks with beautiful views of endless ocean horizons and graceful seagulls at take off and landing.

I had my first real Lobster dinner. And yes, getting to the delicious lobster meat was definitely worth the effort!!!



New Hampshire

We were only in New Hampshire for a day, and I felt like I had to at least visit the LLBean outlet mall. So not too much time but we did get 2 short hikes in with nice views of Mount Washington, the highest peak in New England.


Doug lived in Boston full time for 15 years and worked in Boston every 6 weeks for another 8 years. This not only explains why he drives his car like he's dodging traffic in Boston (really ;-)!!!), but also gave me the benefit of having a great 'tour-guide' especially where good seafood restaurants were concerned!! I got to meet several close friends and 2 of his sisters and their families. All that was the basis for a very wonderful vacation... Although I did have my camera on me most times, I didn't take many pictures, just enjoyed meeting and talking with everybody!!

Boston is a very 'walkable' city and we were very fortunate to stay in the middle of Cambridge with a good friend. Thanks to the -mostly cooperative- weather, we walked everywhere. Highlights included a visit to 'the-good-news-garage', home of Click and Klack from NPR car talk, Cheers cafe, walking the length of the Emerald Necklace (Franklin Park, the Arboretum, Jamaica Pond, Fenway Park, along Commonwealth Avenue to Boston Common) and too many great seafood lunches and dinners to count (including 3 visits to various 'Legal Seafood' locations ;-)!!.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Albuquerque home !!

After some initial bumps-in-the-road (The sellers signed my counter offer and stated afterwards "We don't know why we signed it or why we faxed it".... and these are people owning commercial real estate in Albuquerque!!!! Seriously .....), things seem to move along fairly smoothly... Some pictures from the outside, the inside ones will follow.... I'm getting excited, slowly but surely... ;-)!!!!

Therapy friends!!!!

Deb, Carol and Cathy made it out here -from St. Louis- for a visit!! The weather didn't cooperate that well (what else to do but have some Margaritas on a cold and wet spring day?) but we had fun regardless... I love to show off Santa Fe to visitors and friends!!!

Free to a new home ;-(...

We're looking for a home for Mynxi, Doug's adopted cat. He is an adorable 7-year-old, all black, long and lean cat who loves to roam around outside, is proud to show of the remainders of his midnight dinner on the front door step in the morning but also loves getting plenty of attention and a comfortable indoor space.
We have posters up at several pet stores, coops, library, hospital floors,... So far no luck but we have high hopes of finding him a nice home before we move.
We just think he'd be happier in the country than in the city. Beware coyote's; he is not afraid ;-)!!!

The things computers can do....

Spring time???

Looking at these pictures, it certainly seems like spring is here.... So the good-weather-confidence grows.... Until Sunday, when we had rain, snow, sleet and hail in the space of just a few hours.... Back on track today and a forecast of 70's all week...

I like this statue right outside the cathedral here in SF. I love the park and the surroundings but admit I have no idea what the cathedral looks like inside....