Friday, May 21, 2010


Doug lived in Boston full time for 15 years and worked in Boston every 6 weeks for another 8 years. This not only explains why he drives his car like he's dodging traffic in Boston (really ;-)!!!), but also gave me the benefit of having a great 'tour-guide' especially where good seafood restaurants were concerned!! I got to meet several close friends and 2 of his sisters and their families. All that was the basis for a very wonderful vacation... Although I did have my camera on me most times, I didn't take many pictures, just enjoyed meeting and talking with everybody!!

Boston is a very 'walkable' city and we were very fortunate to stay in the middle of Cambridge with a good friend. Thanks to the -mostly cooperative- weather, we walked everywhere. Highlights included a visit to 'the-good-news-garage', home of Click and Klack from NPR car talk, Cheers cafe, walking the length of the Emerald Necklace (Franklin Park, the Arboretum, Jamaica Pond, Fenway Park, along Commonwealth Avenue to Boston Common) and too many great seafood lunches and dinners to count (including 3 visits to various 'Legal Seafood' locations ;-)!!.

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