Sunday, September 27, 2009

Work in Santa Fe

I have 2 weeks of work behind me at the local hospital here in Santa Fe. After a few initial misunderstandings (WHAT!?!?!, you want me to do overtime and work more than 40 hours a week?!?!?!), things are going well and I am really enjoying the floor I'm working on (ortho / neuro). The fact that most rooms on that floor have gorgeous views of Santa Fe doesn't hurt either.
Coworkers seem to be an eclectic bunch, most of them working per diem. I continue to meet new people every day and they have all been very welcoming, kind and interesting.

But the most enjoyable part of work is the commute: 15 minutes one way by bike. It seems like Santa Fe had more than half of it's annual precipitation in my first week of commuting (go figure), but the weather reverted back to the normal dry and sunny a few days ago. It is chilly in the morning (low 30's!!!) but by the time I'm riding home late afternoon it's still in the 70's and my gloves, fleece layer, wind jacket and turtleneck are being stacked away in my backpack.
I enjoy passing the same people every day; the young kid that sweeps 'Burro alley', the crossing guard at the local elementary school, the guy that sells the local paper at the crossroads and the group of retirees practicing early morning yoga in the rose park twice a week.

Ready for work on a chilly mountain morning

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