Sunday, September 27, 2009

GREEN weekend...

No, we didn't spent our weekend campaigning for a greener city or country nor were we trying to come up with innovative solutions to the global warming problem,.... no, we just PAINTED, and we painted GREEN!

Doug's new garage door and 2 other doors were in need of being painted, so we spent the day between sage green paint brushes and rollers, tape, drop cloths, newspapers, door knobs and stray screws. Just as well my favorite color is green!
It was fun, the color match with the window frames couldn't be more perfect, and there was great satisfaction in a job well done!

After a good arm and shoulder work-out (coming close to a repetitive strain injury!) we needed a 'leg workout' so the following day, we went on a little hike -the beloved Borrego trail- in the woods; more green!!! The Aspen's are starting to turn so we're hoping to get up high next weekend and enjoy some really great vista's! Pictures will definitely follow!!!

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