Monday, October 19, 2009

Spanish update

I'm sure there is a reason I'm giving you an update on my Spanish course BEFORE the mid term grades come out ;-)...!!!

I'm doing well on the tests and homework part of the course (memorizing vocabulary, doing little word searches,....) but the minute some spontaneous utterances, or worse even conversation, is required, I'm totally lost... looking like I've just been dropped into a meeting with a bunch of aliens....

Our mid term exam was a doctor-patient-role-play. Doug was the MD, I was the patient coming in for a physical.... I think it could have been worse. The teacher says I'm good at the pronunciation and facial expression parts of role play. I think it's a very polite way of saying I really suck at the real dialogue part.... Oh well, there are worse things.... ;-)!

Still, hanging in there and learning....

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