Thursday, November 12, 2009

King Doug and Queen Tinne

That's what we googled the other night (don't ask me why, I'm sure we had a perfectly sane reason to do so ;-)!)
No results for King Doug ;-(, but I found this neat article about "Miss Tinne", an explorer who lived in the mid 1800's ( and just really had to put it on my blog!!!

"Alexandrine Petronella Francina Tinne's story deserves to be heard, not simply because she was a female explorer in the arduous African desert during an age where such a thing was generally unheard of, but because she embodied what it is to be brave, with a heart full of adventure and a yearning to bring knowledge of regions unknown to the rest of the world ... not as man or as a woman... but as a fearless explorer of the highest caliber.
None rises higher in my estimation than the Dutch lady, Miss Tinne, who after the severest domestic afflictions, nobly persevered in the teeth of every difficulty." - Dr. Livingstone, explorer and missionary

I like my namesake a lot; I'm not quite that adventurous but loved reading the article!

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Paul Feldmann said...

Hey Kristine!

I am so happy to read that you are doing well. I cannot believe how quickly this year has disappeared for me - but it has been simply WONDERFUL. Take care and have a great Holiday! Give my greetings to Doug!