Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, what a week?!?!?

My low-stress, relaxed life had a little hiccup this week....

We've been looking at homes in Albuquerque for a few months and found a lovely one in a great neighborhood on Monday. I put an offer in first thing Tuesday morning, delighted at the prospect of having us live there for the next few years..... A long story short; although the house only came on the market Sunday, multiple offers came in and after waiting patiently, I heard on Thursday night they choose another buyer..... Who says this is a buyer's market?!?!? ;-)

No time to obsess about all this though as on Friday morning I found out somebody hijacked my email account and sent an email to all my contacts stating that I was in the UK and got mugged at gunpoint, asking for $2000 to be wired directly asap to get me back home. I could not get into my account to notify friends and family so in between treating patients, I spent lots of time on facebook messages, phone calls and text messages re-assuring people I was still living happily in sunny Santa Fe. My English must have been just a little better than the awful grammar and grade-school-like spelling of the scammers and my friends, although caring, recognize fraud when they see it, so no money to sent.

PPPFFF..... I hope this week will be mellow and easy.....

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