Monday, September 20, 2010

Joan's in town!

We've talked about it for a long time and finally.... Joan came out for a weekend of relaxation, art and good food....

We spent most of Saturday relaxing at 'Ten Thousand Waves', a wonderful Japanese Spa just outside Santa Fe a few miles up the mountain. We had a day of peaceful luxurious treats starting with an hour in the hot tubs / cold plunge / sauna, followed by a special Yasuragi head-and-neck-treatment, a full body massage and ending with a 'salt-glow'. If I was any more relaxed after all this, I would have been falling over! My muscles felt great, my skin felt great, my mind felt great! For somebody who only gets a massage about every 5 years when getting a free gift certificate, and never really had any other special spa treatments, this was pure decadence!!! It does feel great to be pampered!

We stayed in Santa Fe, had a great dinner with some good wine and a great brunch the next morning. The Georgia O'Keeffe museum was closed for the week (a reason to come again Joan!) so we headed straight for Canyon Road, home to 100's of art galleries. After hours of bright colors, interesting designs, a full spectrum of materials, boundless creativity and unusual ideas, we went home, fully saturated and a little overwhelmed by the innumerable talented artists and their work.

Every time I go -which isn't that often- I notice different ones... These were my outdoor favorites from the weekend...

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