Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Balloonfiesta time!!

Unbelievably spectacular!!!


Anonymous said...

....beautiful pix of the balloons.., it reminded me of all the years the GOON SQUAD aka Aerial Express Freefall Parachute Team, did the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. We were the first to do it way back in the early years and we did it with ROUND PARACHUTES...!!!, that's right, Para Commanders and French Pappillons, I was reminded of the vivid colors and the noise of the burners..., even jumped out of one once!!
So good to hear of your enjoyment.., stay active and be yourself always.., you are special.
Calvin, Joann, and Lucas!

Tinne said...

Happy the pictures triggered some good memories for you!! Want to come out for the fiesta next year?????? Tinne xo