Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bosque del Apache

The Bosque is a birding and wildlife refuge about 1.5 hours south of Albuquerque. As many as 14.000 Sandhill Cranes and 32.000 Snow Geese (and plenty of other migrating birds) make the Bosque their winter home. The cranes arrive in November and stay as late as the end of February. After that, they slowly migrate back to Grays Lake in Idaho, their breeding ground.

We were fortunate enough to see 1000's of snow geese take off all at once. It was a visual as well as an auditory spectacle; a combination of them 'talking' and their wings flapping.

There were lots of people watching and taking pictures, most with fancy camera's with tripods and 2-3-4 feet lenses. I felt a little intimidated as the only one with a tiny point-and-shoot camera. Still, I like all 148 pictures I took ;-)!!

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