Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life is good - Work is good!!!

I started my new job last week and my impression so far is positive!

People seem friendly, interesting and caring, the 'boss' is laid back and seems to balance the need for good patient care with the need for happy staff. People seem to like good food and pot lucks (that's always a bonus!!!) and there is usually plenty of laughter to be heard in the office.... so I think I'll be happy here until August at least!

I will be covering acute adult orthopedics which is not the most thrilling specialty but routine care definitely has the advantage of being straight forward and therefore low stress. By August I'll be dreaming of CPM machines, hip abduction pillows, raised toilet seats and spine precautions....
Occasionally I'll be helping out in ICU, medical, psychiatry and oncology.

The negative side of it is that I will be working more than my share of weekend days... I just received my May schedule and to say I was shocked is an understatement; I am working at least one day EVERY weekend. I'll obviously have weekdays off but still... How spoiled have I become?!?!?! In Alamogordo I worked every single weekend (my working week was Wednesday to Sunday) and I never thought about it twice but I became spoiled after 3 months in a Monday to Friday job.... Hopefully the June schedule will be a little more to my liking... ;-)!!!

AND the days are getting longer.... There is at least 3 hours of daylight left after work these days!!!!

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