Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring snow storm!!!!

No photo's to prove it but last weekend, a snowstorm hit Northern NM. Annemie en Griet were in Alamogordo visiting White Sands National Park and staying with Traci and Vassil so they missed most of it except for some hail and cold cold cold wind....
Santa Fe had about 3 inches in town and much more in the mountains; we estimated it at 5 inches from the comfort of the warm indoors, realized it was probably closer to 8 inches once we hit the Borrega trail and after the hike my legs were telling me it was more like 15 inches of knee deep snow ;-) !!
It was so beautiful!!! It felt like we just had a super short summer and X-mas had arrived all over again (without the presents or time off ;-) !! ). What a treat!!!

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