Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new favorite Northern NM hike!

We started out with a breakfast burrito (with green chili) in town in sunny, 75 degrees, beautiful clear blue sky weather... We than drove up into the mountains and started our hike from the big Tesuque campground, hiking straight up along the stream, beautiful and challenging... Unfortunately my camera battery seemed to go to sleep for a few hours in this amazing part of the hike so I don''t have pictures to post, they are engraved in my brain though and I am very determined to go back sometime very soon!!!

We followed the road upto the ski area and the weather changed....... clouds appeared and some thunder and lightening seemed ominously closeby.... Somehow we were saved from a rainstorm but did get some snow/hail (YES, in June!!!). The views were stunning and despite the fact that I wished I hadn't worn shorts for the adventure, I smiled the whole way and can't wait to get back!!!

On the way down, there were Aspens and more Aspens..... Beautiful in the spring, I can only imagine what this picture would be like in the fall.....

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