Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting high...

After months of talking about hiking Santa Fe Baldy, we finally did it!!! The highest peak in New Mexico south of Taos stands at 12622 feet tall. The peak looks deceivingly close from the first few miles on the trail, but I can tell you it is not so ;-)!!!

At the top!!!

It was a beautiful hiking path, initially through the lush green woods along crystal clear creeks up to the tundra with bare rocks and sparse wildlife, even still some snow...

Blood, sweat and tears... well.... maybe not the blood and the tears, but definitely some serious tachycardia, altitude headaches and 'heavy' legs,.... I am convinced Doug was a mountain goat in a previous life, he flew up those steep rocks in no time.... I am just good at the down hill part, the one that doesn't require that much effort and skill... ;-)!

We made it down, got home and even made it out of the house for dinner that night (without requiring a wheelchair to and from the car!!!!).. what an achievement... AND WHAT AMAZING BEAUTY!!

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