Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still riding!?!?!

I started this blog post about a week ago and never finished it... I was so proud that I managed to ride my bike to work each day last week! The temperatures were mild -everything is relative!-without any new snow.
Well, this week was a different story, 6 inches of fresh powder, sand and mud and remainders of sheets of ice on the road; not a smart idea for riding....

Here are some of the things I've learned about riding to work in SF in winter:
- Riding in temperatures below 20 degrees F is not worth it. There's something seriously out of balance if it takes longer to put on and take off layers of clothing than it does enjoying the ride.
- There are 2 kinds of (car) drivers out there on the roads; the ones who wish they were on a bike too and the ones who wish bikes were never invented.
- Most people would rather not get out of the house at all than get out on a bicycle. When parking my bike at the hospital entrance, I get plenty of reactions from staff and visitors. Most just look at me with pity, thinking my car must be in the shop for repairs,... or maybe I can't afford gas anymore,... or maybe I lost my license because of one too many DUI's... Some look shocked, convinced I should get admitted to the inpatient psychiatric unit right there and than; only totally insane people would ride a bike in the cold..... Every now and than I meet a kindred spirit....

In the mean time, I go between wishing for weather warm enough to ride and for enough snow to make winters what they are supposed to be: beautiful, crisp and fun!!

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