Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are we nuts????

for getting up at 5.00 am on a Saturday??? We probably are but it was worth it.

You can't really call yourself an Albuquerque hiker until you've hiked 'La Luz', an 8 mile trail up the Sandia's on the West side. So I guess we had to go ;-)!
It turned out to be a gorgeous trail but I wish we would have gone on a weekday. The trail was just too busy (If you want to listen to bad -or even good- music when hiking, - please use earphones!!!!). I guess it is good that people are out in the mountains instead of spending their Saturdays in casinos or malls, but I love the silent peace of having the trail mainly to ourselves (Yes, we are spoiled!!!).

We did successfully avoid the mid-summer-heat by leaving very early. The sun didn't really make it over the Crest until we were out of the high desert into the pine trees! The tramway brought us down in 15 minutes.... a great way to avoid the afternoon heat!!!

I still found time for wild flower pictures along the way....

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