Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I should have titled this blog post 'procrastination', that would have been more appropriate.

I'm working a short term job in adult rehab for another few weeks and have a short term adult acute care job lined up for after that. Neither of them are thrilling, but the money is good and it helps me avoid looking for something more permanent, which I am grateful for.
I am cleaning the house, pulling weeds in the yard, cooking, browsing the web, going for work-outs, doing plenty of library runs, keeping up with the laundry, ..... anything really not to get started on updating my resume.... I'm amazed by all the things that not really need to but can be done, in the interest of not having to sit down and think about longer term professional goals.....

One day I will... and I'll be sure to blog about it ;-)!!!!

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