Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hiking surprise

For another week, I am working PRN at 2 different hospitals. This basically means that I go to work if they are busy and need help and if I want to make some extra $$'s. It also means they can call me in the morning and say they don't need my help that day. This is obviously not a great long term employment situation but for the past 2 months when busy looking for a permanent job and preparing for X-mas, it has been great.

So they called yesterday and gave me an unexpected day off. How better to use it than getting into the mountains?!?!?!?! All the snow in the US is piling up back east and we've had little or none here, so even the higher elevation mountain trails are accessible. I hiked Embudito trail in the Sandia's upto the rim, about 5.5 miles and 3000 feet one way. Until yesterday, Albuquerque hiking has been negatively colored by too many noisy people on the trail... but I didn't see ANYBODY for 5 hours!!!!!!

A few hours in, the skies turned grey, the winds picked up and the temperatures dropped. Thank you Patagonia for keeping me warm and dry!

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becky said...

Kristine, did you get snow in ABQ yesterday? I love those days when no one is on the trail. See you soon!