Thursday, December 25, 2008

A gardian angel...

Tuesday was quite an eventful day.... First thing in the morning, I found out mom had to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics for a recurrent inflamed colon! I'm keeping in regular contact with the overseas crowd about progress, plans and schedules.... and am glad to report as of today she is doing well, despite being NPO for X-mas!!!. A private room, a phone line, X-mas decorations and visits from the grandchildren can do wonders!!! We'll hopefully know more about the plan of care and action early next week. I'll keep you posted. Still, it doesn't give me a real nice warm cosy fuzzy X-mas feeling!!

After some telephone chatter, a very hardy -but not so healthy- breakfast, Andre, Jake, Mocha and I spent a few hours hiking in Dog Canyon. The winds picked up slowly but steadily and I'm counting myself lucky we didn't get blown off the mountain.... Still, a great hike...

We decided to go to "Applebees" for late lunch/early dinner, despite my general dislike of big corporate restaurants with mediocre food. It's right around the corner from my apartment and easy to get to with malfunctioning traffic lights all over town due to the wind storms. (I feel I have to explain why I would ever go to Applebees without somebody holding a gun to my head ;-) ).....

Well, I choked on my food, really choked, as in "Heimlich-maneuver-choked"...... A piece of chicken was totally stuck and uncooperative in moving up or down.... I got out of the booth, gave the universal "I'm choking sign" and after one unsuccessful -gentle, afraid to hurt me- attempt to dislodge it, this elder man appeared out of nowhere, stepped in gently and really thumped me HARD in and up my ribcage,.... the chicken came flying out.... and, although more than a little shaken, I'm here to tell the tale..... He wished us a Merry X-mas and disappeared as quietly and inconspicuously as he initially appeared.... my guardian angel I guess....

"You have a guardian angel,
Who watches over you,
Everywhere you go,
And everything you do.

This gentle silent helper,
Is there to be your guide,
To shelter and protect you,
And for you to walk beside.

Your angel will always help you,
Whenever things go wrong,
They'll be the wings beneath your feet,
As life's path you walk along.

Feel it's calming presence,
Be enfolded by it's love,
And let your life be guided,
By a power from above."

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