Saturday, December 6, 2008

The good and bad of today...

I'm proud to announce I can call myself a real new Mexican resident: I received my first speeding ticket!!! 53 mph in a 35 zone... Whoops...... The officer was nice enough to write it up as only 10 mph over the limit, reducing the fine by half... Merry X-mas I'd say!!!

On the positive flip side... When I got home today, I found a little box by my front door with the perfect Sinterklaas-gift: Kaldi's coffee, a perfect reminder of St. Louis and my very dear friends there...
December 6th, St. Nick's day or Sinterklaas, is a huge holiday for Belgian kids. As I still consider myself a child, I still like the holiday too!!

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Carol F. said...

Merry Christmas! New Mexico looks beautiful and very therapeutic! The scenery and sunsets are marvelous!
Carol F