Thursday, December 25, 2008

X-mas day

I had a great X-mas!

A visit and a hike with Traci, Vassil, Jasmin and Indi on X-mas eve, some "Merry X-mas" phone conversations with friends and family in the morning and than a full day of volunteering at "the Mission" in Las Cruces. I helped set up the gift tables for the children's program, drove around and delivered meals over town, and than gave out gifts to mothers, fathers and grandparents of underprivileged children of all ages....

A laid-back get-together in El Paso to finish off the day....

It really was a good X-mas, focused on others, rather than the usual egocentricity of daily life where everything tends to orbit around ourselves; OUR jobs, OUR feelings, OUR interactions, OUR day events... a nice change! I hope to carry some of it into the new year!!!

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