Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My life in a 16x8x8 pod

I'm feeling all high tech, figuring I've just accomplished something big, whilst really all I'm doing is type and press "publish post" .... hardly brain surgery.... I was going to say 'kids could do it' but I'm re-phrasing it to 'great grand parents could do it!'. A few stressful days have passed.... Everything went more or less as planned: I emerged from the dental office, after a full 3 hours in the dental chair, with a lop-sided smile, some drool from both sides of my mouth, and some serious TMJ pain. Nothing though that some ibuprofen can't take care of. I found the pod container delivered on my driveway, not exactly in the spot I was hoping (and had asked) for, but still....., did the walk through with my new renters and the maintenance guy, and finally finished the last minute packing... No coffee in the morning as all the pots are packed and I cannot even boil water. For everybody that knows me... not having my morning coffee does not bear well for anybody in a one mile radius, really!!! Most of my plants have found good homes thanks to Mary Fran, Rebecca, Lisa and Christy. There are a few left that haven't quite made it to adoption status and are sadly awaiting their future in the yard waste container

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