Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Settling in

I'm settling in quite nicely in Creve coeur, in the home of Lisa (who is -mostly- enjoying her time in Madison, Wisconsin for the summer). It's 2 cats; Benji and Noah, and me. Benji is an older, larger, rather inactive creature and Noah, is almost still a kitten, following me everywhere (including into the bathroom ;-) ), wanting to play and be paid attention to. I would definitely not classify myself as a cat lover but they're growing on me and it's fun having some life company in the house.
Today is also moving-in day for my new renters. The house is spotlessly ready for them and I hope they will enjoy their new home for the next year! I think they will fit in well with the neighbors (lots of them young families with little children) and secretly wish they would become interested in buying it in the next few years.

It really is amazing how all the pieces of the big puzzle are falling into place, I'm confident it will continu that way over the coming months. The next few weeks, I'll try to get my job organized for the fall. I'm am receiving daily phone calls from the Physcial Therapy travelling agency's telling me about opportunities out west and wanting to sign me up. It's great to work in a field where jobs, pretty much anywhere in the US, are abundant, especially in today's economy!!

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Griet said...

Hi Tinne,

Great idea to make a blog!
See you in a few weeks in Heist (H)