Friday, August 1, 2008

Benji and Noah, my room mates

I'm learning a lot about cats. I try to get them outside (in a cage, they are inside cats) as often as I can as they love it (and I can take a shower without being stared down). Benji always appears so incredibly peaceful and calm and Noah, who normally seems to do everything possible to avoid ever achieving calmness, settles down and stops moving for a while.
There are still lots of things I do not understand about cats in general:
First of all: How can they poop so much? It definitely seems like there's a lot more coming out than what is going in. How does that work? All I can say is that if we humans would create that much waste comparatively, they would have invented bigger toilets a long time ago.
Secondly, how can they loose so much hair and still not be bald? I obviously have a lot more body surface area (and you'd be glad to read, am not quite as hairy as the cats) but if I would spontaneously even loose 1% of what they loose, I would never have to wax again!
Thirdly, I don't know if cat psychologists exist, but if they don't, they should create a top-notch PhD/MD program to train some smart people to help the cats out. Dear Noah has no personal boundaries, he feels compelled to occupy the same 2 square feet I am occupying at all times. Also, I'm not sure if he does hear voices in his head or not, but he seems to act on some very odd commands (f.ex. he often runs around the corner at such high speed, he looses his grip on the wooden floors and wipes out like a motorcycle on a Seattle fall day. Seriously, what could possibly be that urgent???). Then there's Benji, who appears to sleep 22 out of 24 hours (and that's a conservative statement!).
I have to admit though, I actually enjoy having them and have quite lengthy conversations with them. If those would be overheard, I'm sure I would be the one getting an urgent referral to a mental health professional!

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