Monday, August 25, 2008

Surprise 40th birthday party...

I have been an enthusiastic participant of several surprise parties over the years and have always sworn to kill anybody that would ever do such a cruel thing to me....
Well, I was the totally 100% innocent, non-suspect recipient of a surprise early 40th birthday party yesterday afternoon at Greet's (my eldest sister) house.
I didn't quite get it for a mili-second or so, just thinking how weird it was to see my aunt and godmother (tante Paula) sitting next to one of my friends Froggy (Patrick in real life); it would have to be some event of some kind for that happen..... I guess it's less morbid than a good friend of mine whose first spontaneous thought at her surprise 55th birthday party was "Wow, those are all the people that would really want to come to my funeral".
As I don't want to spent the rest of my living years in prison for the triple murder of my siblings -or rather 5 murders, including brother- and sister-in-law- and as I would also hate to upset my parents and leave my nieces and nephew parent-less, I won't plan some sinister murder plot ;-)!!!!
And to be perfectly honest :-), it was great and a lot of fun to have about 25 people; close family, friends from high school, PT school and others all there for some great food, drinks and especially stories..... There's always too little time but we all spent a good 5-6 hours doing just that... How great is it, considering I haven't even lived here in almost 17 years!!!!
I have to post this picture, not many were taken but this is my first reaction walking into the living room:

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