Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend events

This was my last weekend in St. Louis and I had a wonderful one. The hectic start on Friday night finishing off paperwork until almost 9 pm was in stark contrast to the rest of the weekend. It started leisurely on Saturday morning with coffee, decorating the patio outside with Tibetan prayer flags, some yard work and a lot of time just chatting. Christy came over and showed me the ins and outs of my new ipod and with the patience of a saint -I am technologically challenged- taught me at least the basics.

A quick run to Trader Joes and than Lisa and I stopped at her parent's house as her mom fractured her patella last Thursday and is in a long leg cast. I had a little opportunity to practice my 'adult PT' skills so we both benefited ;-) !
We than drove down to MABA in Augusta for an overnight stay at the Buddhist temple. I just have to post pictures as it was so beautiful out there and there is no way my descriptions could ever do it justice. The flower and vegetable gardens were in full bloom, the grapevines were heavy with deliciously sweet yellow grapes and sour but tasty blue grapes.

We worked a little on the grounds pulling weeds (not my favorite past-time but great for practicing patience!!!), had a lovely dinner with the nuns and another family at their house and stayed at the barn. In the morning we joined the nuns again for a delicious breakfast and walked the grounds. I still had some of Rob's ashes and spread them out at the Guanyin Pavilion that sits on top of the hill overlooking the lake. It's described as a place of peace and compassion and I feel good about them being in such a great environment. I don't think I know of another place I've ever visited that is more conducive to calmness and mindfullness.

The rest of the morning we meditated, listened to Master JiRu's talk -what an amazing presence and energy!!!-, spent some time visiting with other people over lunch and drove back mid afternoon feeling relaxed, re-energized and rested.

There was some work to be done at the house, including mowing te lawn..... and to make a long story short, a critically injured bunny diverted the rest of our evening....... A family of bunnies had been living in the front lawn for a few days having build their nest under the grass. Although the lawnmower stayed well clear of that area, somehow a little bunny got underneath it with the very unfortunate result of 2 amputated bleeding ears, a scratch on the head and very shallow breathing resembling shock. Panic at first, than action with some phone calls and a cardboard shoebox with wash cloths.... We made it to the 'wildlife center' in Ballwin within the critical hour (can you tell I work in trauma??) and were happy to hear this morning that 'Bunny Levine' tolerated the medical interventions well, had a good night, and is eating and drinking well. As a health care professional I really wanted to know about bowel habits but ... ;-).
He'll be released back into the wild when they feel he is strong enough to survive in the tough world... I'm glad he made it!

We had a little 'Ben and Jerrys" icecream therapy afterwards which was very healing!

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