Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At work...

I just finished my first 2 days on the job and here are some interesting thoughts:

1- My commute is less than 10 minutes door to door. There is NO traffic. The closest 'traffic jam' I've experienced so far has been 3 cars waiting to turn left at a stop sign to get to what is believed to be the cheapest gas station in town. I follow "Scenic Drive" to get to work, east of town, along the mountains as the sun is rising..... I park less than 50 feet from the hospital front entrance (This is bound to make my friends at SLCH green with envy).

2- Although it is a very small hospital, they appear pretty professional. All records are fully computerized which makes getting orders, writing notes and doing charges efficient and easy (even for somebody on their second day on the job). They have as many computers as therapists in the rehab department.

3- I had my first experience treating a Spanish-only-speaking older hispanic gentleman. All I can say is that my best preparation for adult care in Southern New Mexico was playing "Charades" with the Rehab kids on the 12th floor at St. Louis Children's hospital.

4- The hospital Cafetaria is used as a Sunday-lunch-after-church-spot for the many retirees in town. They do have a great coffee bistro bar also (really)!!!!

5- Pediatric and geriatric bowel habits and other bodily functions aren't that different from one another.

6- It's been a long time since I've seen that many ponytails and mullets in a hospital environment....

I'm sure I'll have plenty more thoughts along the way. The truth so far is that the other therapists are very nice, easy to work with and professional. I don't think the work will be that exciting and thrilling but I do think I'm going to learn some about the use of cardiac, respiratory and lab values in PT with sick adults and possibly wound care (That seems to be pretty established here with one of the PT's certified in wound care and what appear to be efficient protocols with daily logs including pictures).

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Anonymous said...

work sound also very good, and yes the no traffic is so good for your soul, specially in the morning...
you are on the way to a great start.