Friday, September 26, 2008

Some work stuff....

What a boring title: work stuff....
I am actually quite enjoying work. I'm trying to find out what exactly it is I'm enjoying about it and this is what I could come up with:
1- It is quite low key. Although I haven't done adult care in more than 15 years, it has been an easy transition. Although people work very hard, the pace is slower in comparison to SLCH so I can take the time to figure things out (whether it's how to page a certain nurse taking care of my patient or where to find that extra wide wheelchair that fits an O2 tank).
2- The therapy staff is great. Besides me there are 3 other PT's, one OT and 2 aids (or tech's as they call them here). A healthy balance of 3 males and 3 females. All therapists have similar interests; outdoor life, travel, running, hiking, .... besides more obvious family and children's stuff.
3- I also think I somehow needed a break from Pediatrics after more than 15 years. Working with children is clinically challenging, very rewarding and fun but it's also a lot of pressure; Pressure from parents and management but even more from myself to do everything humanly possible just perfect..... You just do (and should do!!!!). Over the years that adds up to quite a bit of pressure and stress. Not that when I'm working with adults and elderly I don't try to give great care but somehow it is different, I have no better way to explain it....
4- I have been so very pleasantly surprised about how kind and grateful my patients, mostly elderly, tend to be. I often thought of grumpy old people and was expecting people's refusal to get out of bed, complaints about life and the care they are receiving at the hospital, ... but instead I'm so pleasantly surprised by their willingness to participate, their gratefulness for little gestures and time spent, their interest in me and their openness to share their life experiences with me.
I got a huge kick out of a 94 year old woman in the ICU today. She fractured her hip and had ortho-surgery to fix it. Tough as can be, she just got out of bed and walked a fair distance, all while ranting on about the upcoming presidential debate tonight, about "that woman' (meaning Palin)'s ignorance, and about her absentee ballot, she'd already casted. I just loved it! She might only be 5 feet (if that?!), but what a spirit!

This being said, I think the most important factor of me enjoying my time here, both at work and outside, is that I'm ready to be here, ready to experience life in the south west, ready and open to new experiences, whatever they might be, however they might develop. I'm confident my 12 weeks here will continue to work out well.

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