Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hiking in the Ruidoso Mountains

Ruidoso is a mountain town about 60 miles North East from here. It's a ski-resort in the winter and a retreat for wealthy texans in the summer. It has beautiful hiking with so many trails I would only be able to scrape the surface even if I would hike there every free day during my 13 week assignment here.
Yesterday I hiked Mills Canyon and dry Mills trail. Lots of up and downs with the "summit" at 9550 feet. It took me a solid 6 hours with little or no rest breaks. The not-doing-a-whole-lot-of-physical-activities-in-the-past-two-months and the altitude definitely played a role in making it really challenging. My quads are still burning today.... The views were worth every rapid heartbeat and the buckets of sweat.....

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