Saturday, November 15, 2008

5K Hospital race

A team at the hospital (lead by Tammy, our OT!!!!!) organized a 5K/3 mile run benefiting the hospital foundation and the "boys and girls club" of Alamogordo. I volunteered 2 hours late yesterday afternoon to man the desk at the hospital so participants could pick up their pre-race packets.

Quite an interesting experience... I was sitting at the main entrance as the only live body in the vicinity so my volunteer job quickly expanded beyond race registration; As a contract employee who has been there barely 2 months, I ended up directing people all over, from human resources for employment applications to the billing department, from bathroom directions to X-ray requests, from transportation for discharge enquiries to cafeteria menu options,..... I think I learned quite a bit about the hospital!!!

The run this morning was a great success, It was a beautiful crisp fall mountain morning. Although I had to work today, I ended up going in a little later and volunteering at the first mile marker giving out split times. It was a happy crowd: runners, walkers, volunteers and organizers! It made me go for a great run after work today!!!

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