Monday, January 12, 2009


Packing up in Alamogordo took a little longer than anticipated. I don't think I was quite as organized as last time and my packing was definitely less efficient. Combine that with some purchases and gifts from the past few months and it adds up to a MORE THAN FULL Subaru! Next time I might have to add the roofbox!
The drive was easy and very pretty as expected... 3 out of the 3.5 hous was deserted countryside,... Beautiful views I have become accustomed but not habituated to... they still make me smile, they still take my breath away, they still install a being-close-to-the-land-feeling... I hope I never get used to it.

This is a view of Sierra Blanca from Northern Tulerosa:

I found the apartment without any difficulties, moved in, unpacked everything (it took a long time!!!), did a grocery store run and had dinner at "Whole Foods". I had become so used to having 2 bedrooms with a little sacred meditation place and plenty of space to store my stuff, so it took some creative thinking and organizing to get everything in a definitely much smaller, 1 BR apartment. It worked though and it already feels like MY place.

Although I don't really have a view from my apartment window, this is a view of the Sandia Mountains from the parking lot of the complex.

Today I met the manager and handyman of the complex, got my high speed internet connected -and tested it 'skyping' successfully with my parents-, signed up at a fitness center closeby, did a little dry run to the hospital downtown and spent some time lingering along the cute Nobb Hill stores... It definitely feels colder than Alamogordo but the sun was out and that's the main thing really!

Tomorrow will be my first day at work. I think I'm more weary about the commute to downtown than about the job itself: It really only took me 10 mins outside rush hour but I have visions of St. Louis I-40 or Olive road at 4.30 pm and it doesn't feel near as calming as the visions of my leasurely drive along the mountains in Alamogordo.....

I'll keep you all posted

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