Friday, January 23, 2009

Some of my patients....

Work is growing on me... although I don't feel all that connected to the other staff. There are definitely some friendly, fun and interesting people but there's a whole bunch of mid to late 20's girls talking a lot about getting drunk and partying, and to make things even more challenging for me; they are republicans, and not the real informed kind!! Not exactly my peers!!!! The way the Buddhists would look at it: I should be grateful for the opportunity to practice tolerance, loving kindness and patience...... Not easy but I'm trying!!!

I do have some great patients that I look forward to seeing every day....

I am spending 1.5 hours daily with a 55 year old Mexican illegal immigrant who fractured his pelvis, sacrum, femur and some vertebra falling from 40 feet tall scaffolding.. Here's the kicker: he does not speak one word of English (well, he can count to 10 and say hi) and I do not speak a word of Spanish. I can really only get somebody to translate for a few minutes here and there but I have to say, we communicate really well.... it does work!!! I'm sure it looks quite funny seeing me treat him but who cares?!?! I think it's a great professional relationship and he's getting better!! A fun side note? We were obviously on the same page on inauguration day and high-fived each other watching the swearing in ceremony in the communal dining area!!!!

I'm treating a lady in her mid 60's whose husband was a diplomat in the foreign service his whole career. They lived all over the world, 2 of her kids were born in Africa and 2 in Europe. She has some amazing stories about Africa in the late 60's and 70's! Her rational for choosing the Albuquerque area to retire definitely resonates with me: climate, mountains, variety of cultures, close gut connection feeling to the 3rd world... I can't explain it but I get it!

One of my patient's sons has a popular Mexican restaurant downtown Albuquerque. Her family has brought me in lunch 3 times now (and It's really good, you know how I love good food!!!!). And her son brought me a Starbucks coffee this morning!!! The funny thing is, she fires me every night.... I treat her 3 times a day for about half an hour each and at the end of every day she tells me that I make her work too hard, that she can't do it anymore and that she doesn't want to see me again. Every next morning she greets me with a smile... You just gotto love it!!! Her family thinks it's pretty funny too!!!

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