Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Border patrol

Every major highway going north in New Mexico has a border patrol station. The highway narrows and exits into an impressive border patrol station with stern officials looking very important with their big guns. Every time I go to Las Cruces or elsewhere and drive back to Alamogordo, I need to pass them. I slow down and stop, roll down my window and am asked "Are you an US citizen?". In my best American drawl -which isn't very good- I answer with a smiling "Yep". They smile back and wave me through.
I have to admit, I don't understand. Why ask? They might as well ask if I had Starbucks for breakfast or if I'm wearing polka-dot-underwear. No verification of the answer. I am so tempted...... What would happen if I'd answer "Actually, no, I'm not a US citizen but an illegal immigrant, just drove back from Mexico City, picked up some of my illegal friends -they're hiding in my trunk- and filled up the rest of the space with some high quality cocaine and marihuana, you know.... need to make some extra bucks with the US economy going down the drain and all..........".

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