Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Silver City

I made it to Silver City for 2 days, left Sunday night after work and just got back today. It's a solid 3 hour drive from Alamogordo and as I was driving and navigating (not one of my strengths ;-) ), about 3.5 hours!!
I had wanted to visit this small "artsy" and outdoor town for a while and am glad I finally did! I explored the town on Monday and went hiking on Tuesday. There is so much to do it would be easy to spent a full week or even more in the area, but 2 days was all I had for now!!
The town center is build around "The big ditch", the main street in town that flooded in the 19th century and was made into a park area. Although it rarely rains in the city, if it does, it pours and still turns the streets into rivers. The curbs are several feet high to stop the businesses and homes from flooding. One little coffee shop had some chairs out on the sidewalk. They called it "the beach" as just a few days ago "the ocean" was right there.

The Big Ditch

Yankee street with the high curbs....

There are so many interesting art galleries, little stores and museums and even just walking around town, art is everywhere. It's obvious how this little town of barely 10.000 people has been compared to Santa Fe.

Some things around town...

I walked, shopped, ate and drank all day... Very decadent! I met some great people in a little local coffee shop where we discussed politics, single payer healthcare, New Mexican wind energy sources and infrastructure ..... It was great! They recommended a little restaurant up in the mountains for dinner so I ended up at some Cowboy Saloon, having a vegie burger at the bar, surrounded by cowboys (REALLY!!!). I would have NEVER ventured in there without their recommendation, but I'm glad I did!!!

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