Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It never rains in Alamogordo


I finally decided to spent the night at White Sands National Park to be able to watch the sunset as well as the sunrise. It's back country camping without any facilities. There are only 10 spots available, very spread out with at least one huge sand dune in between.

The evening was unbelievable; not a sound to be heard, just beautiful landscape changing minute by minute, showing all colors of the rainbow. It forced anything else to the background; there were no thoughts or worries of the stock market circus, the upcoming elections or more personally where my life may lead and who will cross my path.... It was definitely good buddhist meditation practice!

Than the night came and with it the rain. i don't think I need to explain: lots of sand and lots of rain make MUD!!! Luckily my old tent held up very well (unlike the zipper on my sleeping bag), but breaking up camp this morning was no fun (neither was the mile hike back to my car). AND there was nothing much to see this morning; no beautiful landscape views just grey clouds and rain and lots of it!
Still, the evening made it worth it!

I tried the self timer for the first ever time, not bad....!

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Aleid Beerlandt said...

waw, dit is echt prachtig Tinne!!
en zo'n goeie foto's dat je gemaakt hebt,proficiat!
de verhalen van de spinnen, schorpioenen, vind ik minder, maar het tentenverhaal is zo herkenbaar : tuurlijk regent het... je kampeervriendin, Aleid