Sunday, October 5, 2008

Las Cruces!!

I did it, I ventured out of the Alamogordo area!!! Traci (one of the PT's at work) and her boyfriend Vassil, great people, invited me to come along on their trip to Las Cruces after work. We finished work a little early -always a good thing- and drove together. It's an interesting college town of about 80.000 people, the biggest in Southern New Mexico, just over an hour from here.

First stop was "Toucan grocery store", a locally owned "Whole foods". There really isn't much grocery shopping beyond Walmart in Alamogordo, so this was a great treat. My fridge and kitchen cabinets are fully stocked with healthy and tasty treats!! After that, we drove through to Mesilla, the 'old town' for some browsing around the cute little shops and AWESOME mexican food at a local favorite: La Posta. My opinion of "hot salsa' gets re-defined daily!!
Unfortunately, my camera battery died along the way so I only have just a few pictures to post. I'm sure I'll go back sometime soon and get some more.

We also stopped at "Barnes and Noble" bookstore, not a big deal for anybody living in a larger town but neither the local bookstore nor the library in Alamogordo carry a whole lot of interesting books or magazines. so even that felt like a treat!!

Last stop was Traci's parent's house (they live there during the winter) where I met my first dead scorpion..... All in all, not bad for a Saturday night I thought!!!!

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