Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hiking around Silver City

No "weekend" is complete without strapping on my hiking boots for at least a few hours!! Gila National forest is over 700.000 acres of Wilderness!! I stayed close to Silver City as I didn't want to spent any more time than I needed to in the car.

I hiked Signal Peak in Pinos Altos, just 10 minutes North of SC. It was very pretty. I'm convinced I saw 2 wolves during my hike, grey-sliver, fast moving, luckily not too close (maybe about 100-150 feet away). I was too scared and too far away to take any pictures.

I also hiked just south of town along the great continental divide. It was not my favorite hike, lots of sand, small rocks and a gravel-like path but I'm glad I did it, even if it's just to say that I hiked part of the continental divide (a very very very very small part.....).

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