Sunday, October 5, 2008

The BAD stuff in Alamogordo.....

Well, I have have sounded a little elated and overly happy in my posts about my Alamogordo experience..... There are very bad things in the area..... REALLY, it;'s not all that rosy........!!!

There are RATTLESNAKES, BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS, TARANTULA'S, SCORPIONS, the occasional BROWN BEAR in the mountains...... I am not joking!!! A few days after I got here, we went outside for a little over lunch and see this huge big hairy thing close to one of the hospital entrances.... turned out to be a dead tarantula!!!!! The 2 PT's I was with, Jesse and Randall, said they're very common and we started talking about all the other poisonous and dangerous living creatures in the area.... It took me a full afternoon to recover from the conversation!!! Later that night, the boys went for a hike in the foothills, came across a rattle snake, killed it and brought me the rattle to show!!!!! Yesterday in a house in Las Cruces, I met my first genuine scorpion (dead, luckily!).

Seriously, especially the rattlesnakes are definitely a presence to be aware off when hiking at lower altitudes. I haven't seen one yet but am hiking without my ipod, very aware and not wanting to miss the 'rattle-warning' before the bite!!!!


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